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Why NuActive Health Psychologists

NuActive Health is an award winning multidisiplinary team who are highly qualified, motivated and experienced in providing expert wellbeing treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

At NuActive Health we have the ability to provide true holistic care. Our psychologists work within a team environment and liaise with our dietitians and exercise physiologists as necessary to provide a service which is tailored to your individual needs.

NuActive Health has an excellent reputation with over 1000 medical practitioner, work cover and NDIS referees. Our psychologists provide a research based individualised approach in a safe, open and non-judgmental space in order to best support and improve the quality of life for each client.  At Nuactive Health we are passionate and dedicated to helping people. Our down to earth approach enables our Psychologists to connect with clients and provide treatment for who experience anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, stress, eating disorders, trauma, anger management bullying, self harm and many other challenges.

The range of research based approaches we use includes Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness. All treatment plans are developed in collaboration with our client and the other members of their treatment team so they can be specifically tailored to suit our clients’ needs and personal goals.

NuActive Health Psychology appointments are available from Monday Friday, with some after hours appointments to provide flexibility for clients.

Studies have highlighted the significance of wholistic lifestyle interventions in the treatment of chronic conditions, at NuActive Health we can provide integrated education from our diverse team of health professionals.

We Will Work With You

Forget the one fits all packages, NuActive Health we will work with you to develop health solutions suited to your individual needs. Don’t waste money on fads with results that don’t last! You can rely on NuActive Health to cut through the myths and give you the health education, motivation and support to put the practical solutions into practice and help reach your health and life goals as easily and as quickly as it is safely possible.

NuActive Health aims to show you how fun and easy healthy living can be. Changing your life long habits is not always easy, but at NuActive Health we show people how to gain optimal results with as few changes as possibl

Our mission is to make a significant positive difference to the mental and physcial health status of as many people as possible.

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