Referrals - Psychologist

Although you do not need a referral to see our psychologists, we encourage clients to integrate their health care and believe working closely with the other members of their health team. This can facilitate a collaborated approach and therefore optimal care of our clients.

If your appointments are to be paid by a 3rd party (eg. WorkCover or DVA) you will require a referral from your GP or specialist.

If you qualify for a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care plan, and have a team care arrangement from your GP you may access Medicare rebates for 5 of your consultations over a calendar year.

A Medicare Mental Health Care plan, this will give you access to up to 20 Medicare rebates within a calendar year.

If you have a suspected or diagnosed eating disorder you discuss getting an eating disorder care plan and referral from your GP. To best manage and treat your eating disorder, we highly recommend the involvement of both a psychologist and a dietician which we offer at NuActive Health. The option of integrated health care, with treatment from both our specialised eating disorder dietitians and psychologists.

NuActive Health’s psychologists have over 1000 health professionals who refer to our service.

You can claim Medicare rebates for our psychology services with a valid GP Mental Health Care plan or Eating Disorder plan.

We accept DVA and Workcover clients

We accept self managed and planned managed NDIS referrals

We are a private psychology clinic however do offer a limited number of bulk billing and reduced fee services to people experiencing extreme financial hardship.

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