Fella's Fitness

By Exercise Physiologists

Where Blokes can be Blokes!

A Men’s Only class

Many gyms offer female only fitness and this is great for many women, however not many men’s only classes exist, and although we are a completely unisex facility, twice a week for an hour we close the gym to Men only (including even the staff). 

One in four men struggle with overwhelming stress, being down in the dumps and are not going too well.


Exercise has shown to be an effective way to boost mental health and well-being in men and women. Now you don’t have to be struggling mentally at all to join this group, you just need to be a fella that wants to have a laugh while exercising in a safe and supportive environment.


Benefits of this class

Be around like minded men

Have fun while getting fit

Let out a little frustration

Exercise has shown to increase muscle mass, improve cardiovascular and lung health, lower cholesterol, improve blood glucose levels, improve mood regulation, improve memory, improve flexibility, boost testosterone levels and much much more!!

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