Support Groups

Do you need a support group?

NuActive Health has a great group intervention room that can accomodate up to 15 people.

  • A support group is a group of people meeting to share information, experiences, problems and solutions.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by an illness or condition, talking with people who have been through the same experience can help.
  • Finding a support group is sometimes difficult.

If you have a support group that needs a location to meet or you would like one of our health professionals to run a support group on a particular topic, please contact us to discuss options available and what support groups we currently run.


Value of support groups

Support groups allow you to share your experiences with people who have been in or are currently experiencing a similar situation.

Support groups can help you in many ways by:

  • showing you that you are not alone
  • providing you with emotional and social support
  • helping you develop new skills and adjust to your situation
  • allowing you to share information about your situation and how you feel
  • discussing things like symptoms, treatment and side effects
  • offering advice and a place to learn from others
  • giving tips on how to live with your condition or illness
  • improving motivation.
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