FAQ's - Dietitians

Do I need a referral to see the Dietitians at NuActive Health

No. However, if your appointments are to be paid by a 3rd party (eg. WorkCover, Medicare or DVA) you will require a referral from your GP or specialist.

Please bring your referral (if applicable), blood test results or specialist reports relevant to your visit. A current list of your medical conditions and medications is useful.Also, please keep a food record of what you normally eat. Although we understand it can make you feel very vulnerable showing another person what you normally eat, especially if you are not currently proud of what you eat, it is important to remember our dietitians are realists not perfectionists and completely know what the "typical" person eats. We are here to help you not judge you. The food diary helps us see your starting point, the more honest you are, the more realistic your dietitians' advice will be.

An initial consultation is approximately 1 hour, and review consultations are between 15-30 minutes (or up to 1 hour for eating disorder and more complex cases).

Our dietitians charge on a fee for time basis so consultation fees range depending on the length of service required as well as the experience of your dietitian and specialty knowledge required for your condition, please call our friendly reception staff to discuss our fees, and the rebates you may be able to access.

Your dietitian will sit down with you and firstly get to know you, your medical conditions and your goals in seeing them. If applicable your dietitian will weigh you, using state of the art bio-impedance scales to discover your body composition. This will determine your ideal muscle, body fat and hydration levels to assist in setting realistic and sustainable goals.Your dietitian will then discuss your normal eating habits and once the assessment phase of the consultation is complete, your dietitian will provide you education on your dietary needs and help put a meal plan together.Review consultations will be similar just not as long.

Please call us for our fees and charges and applicable rebates.


Medicare Rebate – Medicare rebates are only available for those clients who have an Enhanced Primary Care, team care arrangement in place with their General Practitioner.

Exercise Physiologists – Medicare rebates may be claimable with an Enhanced Primary Care, team care arrangement or a Diabetes Group Referral for group exercise classes from your General Practitioner.

Dietitians – Medicare rebates may be claimable with an Enhanced Primary Care, team care arrangement from your General Practitioner or a Diabetes Group Referral from your General Practitioner for group cooking classes or an Eating Disorder Care plan from your GP.

Psychologists – Medicare rebates may be claimable with an Enhanced Primary Care, team care arrangement from your General Practitioner or a Mental Health plan from your General Practitioner for group cooking classes or an Eating Disorder Care plan from your General Practitioner.

How many times can I claim?

Enhanced Primary Care plans can let you access up to 5 allied health Medicare claims per calendar year. However, these 5 claims need to be shared amongst all your allied health professionals. For example, if you claim 3 Medicare rebates with a podiatrist you will only have 2 available rebates left within this calendar year to be used with a different health professional such as a dietitian or exercise physiologist.

Mental Health plans can let you access up to 20 Psychology Medicare claims per calendar year.

Diabetes Group Referral can let you access up to 1 Medicare claim for an individual assessment and 8 Medicare claims for group classes per calendar year.

Eating Disorder Management plans can let you access up to 20 Dietitian Medicare rebates and up to 40 Psychology Medicare rebates per referral year.

Have you reached your Medicare safety net threshold?

When you spend over a certain amount in Medical out of pocket expenses per calendar year, Medicare will give you a higher amount back per consultation. This normally reduces the out of pocket expense of our consultations to around or even less than $20 per visit.

Unsure you qualify for any of these?  It is best to speak to your GP to discuss your eligibility for one or more of these GP referrals options.

Health Funds

If a Medicare item has not been charged, then fees may be claimable through most private health funds, depending on your level of cover – it is best to check with your health fund to determine your particular entitlements.

We have HICCAPS terminal available to claim private health fund rebate at the time of payment, so conveniently you only have to pay the gap payment.

We also have an easy claims system, to conveniently process your Medicare claims at the time of your appointment. You will need to pay your appointment fee in full to be able to then claim the rebate.

Rebates: It is the clients’ responsibility to check with their health fund regarding the rebate they might be eligible for

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