Intergrated Cancer Care Program

By Accredited Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists & Registered Psychologists


We provide individual and group education. Supporting you through all stages of your Cancer care.

Optimal Nutrition, exercise and having good mental health, all play a crucial role in cancer recovery and overall well-being.

That’s why we offer an integrative approach to oncology treatment and support, combining the expertise of our team of allied health professionals including accredited dietitians, exercise physiologists and registered psychologists to provide personalised and evidence-based care.

Our multi-disciplinary allied health professional team provide comprehensive and individualised cancer care all under the one roof. We aim to nurture, support and empower patients, their families and carers at every stage of cancer treatment and help them through their cancer journey by providing the best care possible.

Your Cancer Rehabilitation Plan may include:

  • Dietitians, for nutritional assessment and advice
  • Exercise Physiologists, to support your exercise routine
  • Psychologists, for emotional and psychosocial support.



Our Accredited Dietitians work with patients to develop a healthy, balanced eating plan that meets their individual needs. We consider factors such as stage and type of cancer, treatment history and any food sensitivities to create a customised meal plan that supports healing and recovery.

  • Customised eating plans
  • Accountability and support
  • Body composition and nutritional optimization



From our onsite kitchen, we run cooking classes for patients, family members and carers to attend.



Our team of Exercise Physiologists from Empowered Healthcare develop safe and effective exercise plans tailored to each patient’s physical ability, fitness level and medical history. We believe that regular physical activity is a critical component of cancer recovery and for overall health.  Our team is dedicated in helping patients safely progress from rehabilitation to a well-rounded exercise routine.

  • Tailored one on one exercise consultations
  • Small, individualised group classes
  • Gentle stretch, pilates and balance classes
  • Onsite state of the art rehab gym at NuActive Health Gymea



Our Registered Psychologists provide emotional support and coping strategies to help patients manage the psychological impact of cancer and cancer treatment. We understand that cancer can be a traumatic and life-altering experience and our team is trained to help patients navigate their emotional journey as they recover and regain their strength.


Ask your GP or Specialist for a referral to our team today so we can help you Survive & Thrive!

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