Diabetes Program

By Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists

Put your Diabetes in Remission!

Our Diabetes program

Our Diabetes program is:

Evidence Based, scientifically proven to put your diabetes into remission!

It is recomended by GPs and endocrinologists.

It involves education, nutrition and exercise interventions.

Medicare rebates of over $477 are available for this program with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan and Diabetes Group Program referral from your GP. If you are over the Medicare Safety net you will receive even more back.

Our extensive program includes:

1 x Group education session on diabetes (week 1)

1 x Initial individual consultation  and 2 x follow up individual consultations with our accredited dietitians

1 x Initial individual consultation  and 2  x follow up individual consultations with our accredited exercise physiologists 

1 x Diabetes healthy cooking class (2 1/2 hours, including a healthy meal at the end)

1 x Diabetes Shopping tour (1 hour)

6 x Diabetes exercise class  (1 class every week for 7 weeks)

Total cost $750* (*after Medicare rebates applied) are

Diabetes Exercise Program

Our 8 week Diabetes Liefestyle Program is for people living with diabetes who want to increase their physical activity levels.

Whether you have exercised before or need some help getting started, our diabetes program will tailor individual exercises to your specific needs within a friendly and supportive environment.

Get your health and fitness back on track today.

Diabetes Nutrition Program

As part of our program you will sit down with one of our Accredited practising Dietitians one to one and develop a healthy eating program tailored for your needs, likes, dislikes and living arrangements.

You are invited to attend a healthy cooking class and supermarket tour as well as a group education session to learn how to manage your blood glucose levels and how to potentially put your diabetes in remission.

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