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Nutritional Assessment, Individual consultations

NuActive Health’s Sports Dietitians can provide individual athletes with a nutritional assessment and consultation to develop an indivdualised plan.

Individual Anthropometrical

All NuActive Health’s Sports Dietitians have high skills in taking accurate skin fold, girth and full anthropometrical measurements in an efficient and professional way.

Advice team nutritional requirements

It’s great to work with athletes on an individual level, but working with nutritional requirements on a team level can make a huge difference, as this allows the infrastructure for athletes to put their individual needs into practice more easily. Assessing the teams requirements and providing team solutions allows athletes and their team management staff to support each other in better nutritional strategies in preparation, performance and recovery.

Advice on supplements

Athletes need to be careful that not only their supplements are actually effective not detrimental to their performance, but they do not contain any banned substances. NuActive Health sports dietitians are familiar with sports supplement testing, and the requirements of ASADA and WADA. Our sports dietitians can provide advice on what supplements athletes might benefit from and which supplements they should not be taking. Please note NuActive Health Sports Dietitians believe good diet and hydration strategies including timing, quantity and quality, should be what athletes look at modifying first, before supplements. Not all athletes benefit from taking supplements and can be actually detrimental if taken unnecessarily.

Organise catering / coordinate recovery bars, travel meals, drinks

NuActive health Sports Dietitians are experienced in talking with coaching staff, hotel staff, travel agents, airlines, restaurant and cafe owners, chefs, supermarkets and anyone else that is required to make sure not only food is appropriate for athletes when they are travelling, but it is hygienically prepared, available at the times that is required and everything runs smoothly as far as the food is concerned for sporting events, interstate and national travel. NuActive health Dietitians have travelled with teams and organized meals a head of time when the dietitian is not required on tour. We can simply provide nutrition guidelines for team managers to follow or develop the team menu and do all the organizing required to provide, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, for optimal preparation and recovery of athletes and therefore optimizing their performance.

Group Education

NuActive health can easily provide educational group consultations that will not only keep athletes engaged, they will leave with gaining vital information to maximize their sporting performance. NuActive health is experienced in providing interactive, motivational and educational talks to a huge range of sporting groups from recreational to elite athletes, a range of different ages and group sizes. NuActive Health can provide talks on:

NuActive Health have given group presentations to athletics, cricket, dancers, golf, gymnastics, National Ice Hockey, martial arts (karate and taekwondo), National and junior rugby league, Rugby Union, soccer, softball, surf life saving, Swimming, tennis, disabled athletes, senior athletes, referees, personal trainers, Royal Australian Navy clearance divers.

Hydration assessments

NuActive Health’s Sports Dietitians are skilled to provide sweat analysis and full hydration assessment of athletes to determine athletes exact fluid, and electrolyte needs matched to the individuals sweat rates, and determine a precise hydration plan. Optimal hydration can make a significant difference to athletes performance, and can be the solution to cramping.

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