Psychological Assessments

The Assessment Process

Assessing children and adolescents is a comprehensive process that involves gathering information from a range of sources to help formulate an accurate diagnosis. The steps involved in this typically include the following.

  • Parents/carers attend an initial session with the Psychologist to obtain important background information such as the reason for referral, current concerns, developmental history, previous assessments or interventions, and an assessment of functioning in the home setting (90 minutes).
  • The Psychologist may need to administer a teacher assessment of functioning and/or classroom observations to obtain important school-based information on the student’s engagement in learning (2 hours/2 sessions).
  • Rapport building session/s with the child or adolescent prior to testing (2 sessions)
  • Psychometric testing of cognitive ability using either the WISC-V, WPPSI-IV, or UNIT-2 (2 sessions) and/or academic skills using the WIAT-III or WRAML-2 (2 sessions).

Assessment results are provided in a written report and the Psychologist will discuss identified needs and recommendations with the parent/carer (2 hours without psychometric testing, 3 hours for one psychometric test, 4 hours for two psychometric tests).

IThe price varies depending on how many and which assessments are required. Your psychologist will discuss this at your initial session.

We do offer a package price when multiple assessments are required such as our:

TRIPLE A – Assessment Package 

The gold standard for assessing Aptitude (cognitive ability), Adaptive (functional independence in the home and school settings) and Achievement (educational/academic skills) in children and adolescents.

Assessment and reporting –  $2900 per respondent 

(Price as of September 2024 – prices are subject to change – please call us to discuss prices and book in with our psychologist).

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