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“ Diabetic Living would never have become the success story it is without Joanne. Her expertise in both dietetics and exercise physiology makes every issue an authentic offering for people living with the very real difficulties of diabetes and its various complications.”

Carol Brett
former Managing Editor Better Homes and Gardens and Diabetic Living


NuActive Health dietitians and exercise physiologists have over a decade of television experience. They loves being interviewed and giving short, sharp and entertaining grabs on various healthy eating and exercise topics.Joanne Turner has appeared on many television programs such as Sunrise, The Morning Show, Today Tonight, Channel 10 news, Channel 10 RPM, Foxtel Select programs. Joanne is a regular consultant to Nickelodeon Foxtel, Australia.

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NuActive Health Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Clinical Psychologists have been interviewed on various radio stations across Australia such as 2UE, Today FM, ABC National, Various ABC state and 2RE, and many more. Our dietitians natural chatty style keep listeners entertained as well as informed.


NuActive Health has contributed and been featured in the local and National Newspapers for their great work in nutrition and exercise on many occasions

Click pdf here for Daily Telegraph article.


NuActive Health has been consulting to Pacific Magazines for over 10 years, as resident Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist to Diabetic Living magazine, a Better Homes and Gardens special publications which is sold in newsagencies Australia wide and produced bi-monthly. Joanne’s recipes have appeared on not only the cover of Diabetic Living magazine, but more recently on the cover and within Australian healthy food Guide Magazine. Joanne has also worked on Family Circle, KZone, That’s Life and published many articles in Diabetes Australia’s health professional and consumer magazines, such as Conquest.NuActive Health dietitians have also contributed to Men’s health, Women’s Health, Heart Healthy Living, Good Medicine, Practical Parenting, Australian Parents Magazine just to name a few.

“Joanne Turner is just about my favourite person to interview each week. Not only is she outrageously well prepared, but she’s able to handle any off-the-cuff question with a terrific sense of humour. Listeners love Joanne because she doesn’t make healthy eating into a drag – she makes it fun and more importantly accessible”.

Melanie Tait
Evenings Presenter
ABC Darwin

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