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Your GP can work with you to improve your metabolic health starting with a thorough assessment.
They will organise necessary blood tests and investigate medical conditions that may be contributing to your weight, such as thyroid disturbances or insulin resistance. Your GP will discuss if medication options to assist weight loss are recommended. They will also provide referrals and team care arrangements to medical specialists and allied health professionals.
Your GP will monitor your progress and modify medications if applicable as you lose weight. Your entire healthcare team will communicate throughout the program, to work as a united integrated team.


You may have tried many diets in the past, with little or no success. You may have even seen a dietitian before, however we believe this program will be different for the following reasons.
We have an extremely qualified and experienced dietitian director, with over 20 years of experience in weight loss and obesity management.
Our accredited Dietitians will work with you individually to develop a nutrition plan specific to your needs, medical conditions and personal preferences.
  • Comprehensive body composition to determine a realistic & ideal goal weight
  • Customised individual healthy, balanced eating plan for weightloss & nutritional optimisation
  • Accountability and nutrition support
  • Teach you how to lose weight & keep it off


Our Exercise Physiologists will develop with you a safe and effective exercise plan, tailored to your physical abilities, fitness level, interests and medical history. Exercise advice and education is individualised to be as effective as possible not just during the program but helping you adopt physical activity as part of your new lifestyle.
  • Tailored exercise program
  • Small, individualised group classes
  • Onsite state of the art rehab gym


How we think is a big part of the decisions we make, from what food we eat to the movement we do. Our motivation levels, attitude, self worth, body image, goals setting & priorities all effect our actions. A psychologist can help you identify possible mental challenges or barriers you may have to weightloss.
Many people are apprehensive to see a psychologist, however our relaxed approach provides the psychological assistance you need to find your healthier you in a very positive way. You will receive psychological support material and access to on-line services as part of the program. If you choose to have additional support, our registered psychologists are here for individual consultations if required.


Optimal nutrition, exercise and psychology all play a crucial role in losing weight and managing chronic health conditions as well as overall well-being.
Research has shown that best practice weightloss programs involve looking at several aspects of a person’s health and physiology and having a team of professionals around to support you on every level and keep you on track with sustainable solutions.
That’s why we o!er an integrative approach to weightloss treatment, combining the expertise of our team of Doctors, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Psychologists to provide personalised and evidence-based care.
Our multi-disciplinary allied health professional team provide comprehensive healthcare under one roof. We aim to nurture, support and empower patients & their families at every stage of their weightloss journey and help them improve their health at the same time.
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In our onsite kitchen we run cooking classes for patients and family members to attend.


  • Invitation to our weightloss talk
  • Cooking class ticket
  • Cookbook and psychology support material Exercise pack
  • Weekly walking group
  • One free gym pass for a friend or family
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